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Plague Doctor

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Pulsing Veins


Corrupt Cauldron

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Combat Tank

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Our Story

Hi, I'm Kevin Champagne, the founder of Karate Fox Studios and BlockTanks.

I started making BlockTanks during January of 2016, when I was fourteen years old. I wanted to make a simple, multiplayer game (like many of the popular io-games of the time) that involved tanks moving around and shooting each other. I wanted it to be easy to join, free to play, and fun to master.

Since then, the game has grown in both features and players. BlockTanks currently has thousands of registered users, many staff members (programmers, artists, moderators, etc), and countless features that have been added over time, such as power-ups, accounts, an item system, and cooler maps.

However, maintaining BlockTanks takes both time and money. Every feature and bug fix takes time to make and complete. Additionally, the servers that run the game cost money every month.

That's where the BlockTanks Shop comes in. By making a purchase from the shop, you directly support the growth of BlockTanks. You allow us to dedicate time to adding new features and content to the game, making the BlockTanks experience more fun for everyone!

We thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm over the years!

- Kevin

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These policies were last updated 11/10/2020.

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