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Community Guidelines

BlockTanks is a community with thousands of players of all ages. In order to maintain a friendly, safe, and welcoming atmosphere in the game, there are certain guidelines that players must follow.

Methods of Communication

First, it is important to note how players can interact with each other in-game.

If a player has an account on the site (i.e: they have registered with a username, email, and password), he or she can use chat features to communicate with other registered players who are in the same match. Additionally, the player's username will be visible to everyone in the same match.

If a user is not logged into an account, then that user can only play as a "guest", and chat features are disabled. Additionally, that player's username will be randomly generated and assigned (the word "guest", a dash, and a random number).

This means that players with accounts can communicate with others through their username and through chat features.

Player Guidelines - Communication

As a player, when you use these methods of communication, you must follow these community guidelines:

Do not ask for players' passwords in any way. There is no good reason why you should ever need to know someone's password.

Do not harass other players. Harassment is defined as repeatedly insulting or bothering other players. Put simply, don't intentionally annoy other players.

Do not use profane language. This includes sexual references, slurs, and general curse words. This kind of language is prohibited in both chat features and your username.

Do not spam the chat. Sending the same message repeatedly or filling the chat with unwanted bulk messages indiscriminately is considered spam.

Player Guidelines - Website Use

Additionally, as a BlockTanks player, you agree to use our website as intended, and follow these rules:

Do not attempt to illegitimately raise your account's XP, or other statistics. This is also known as "farming," and is not allowed on BlockTanks in any shape or form. If you are caught farming, you will be banned.

Do not exploit or "hack" BlockTanks in any way. If you have found a hack/exploit, immediately contact us. If you do not contact us, and you maliciously abuse the game, you will be banned.

Community Moderation

Methods of communication on the BlockTanks website are moderated in various ways.

Usernames that break community guidelines are flagged and reviewed. If a username is determined to break community guidelines, it will be "shadowbanned." This means other players cannot see the username (it will be replaced by a randomly generated name), but the player with that account will not know about the ban.

Players can report other players who abuse the chat. This is done by clicking on a player's name on the scoreboard. The report, along with chat logs from the game, will be reviewed. If any players are determined to have broken community guidelines, they will be "shadowbanned" from using the chat (other players won't see their messages, but no one will explicitly know about the ban).

Why "shadowban" players?

"Shadowbanning" players, or banning players without telling them, is more effective at reducing ban evasion. Players are less likely to make alternate accounts if they believe they have not been banned.

Other Actions

Players can also be reported by contacting us using the methods below. Please note, however, that these methods will not provide chat logs, and as a result it is much more difficult to ban players this way.

If you would like to disable all chat features on your account, please contact us (see below).


Contact us by using the methods outlined on this page.

These guidelines were last updated 12/13/2021.

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